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June 21, 2011

1911 Harbor port Greymouth, New Zealand

Exactly 100 years ago today. June 21st 2011, the harbor of Greymouth

1920 Russia, Lenin

1920 Lenin addresses crowd (2)

(graphic image) 1945 Belsen, Germany

April 20th 1945, young German boy at liberated Bergen-Belsen camp
(Warning: graphic image, click to enlarge)

1942 Poland, families sent to Treblinka

Men, women and children from the Siedcle ghetto forced into cattle trains to Nazi extermination camp Treblinka

1863 New Mexico, Civil War Drummer

"Hilbert Malbury" reads the mirrored caption. Photo taken around 1863. Original BW via 

1894 Family Biltoft Madsen

Beautiful family picture. Original BW via Christina Madsen blog.

1945 Saarbrucken, Germany

U.S. army 70th division troops in Saarbrucken. Original BW picture via